I was having quite a nice time on the Tiger when it suddenly turned on me and pounced on my leg. Okay, technically, it failed to turn due to my foolishly misplaced body weight, tipped abruptly left and pounded me into the Alta Tecate (antonym of Baja California) sand. We weren’t done riding, so I … [more]

Books! Brownies! Motorcycles!

So let’s see… ticking off a few of my favorite things: reading, writing, riding and BSing with soldiers. It’s a quadrafecta! Yeah, I made that word up — sadly, that’s another favorite vice. So here’s what we’re up to: South Sound BMW, one of the juiciest motorcycle dealerships in the PNW, holds its annual Vendor … [more]

Humbly submitted…

So there’s this book, and we’ve been tinkering with it, trying to get it all just so. Is it perfect? Of course not. Not by a long, arcing shot. There are typographical errors in the text. There are flaws in the formatting. The only thing that keeps either me or Pretty Publisher from spiking the … [more]

Call for critics

They say everyone’s a critic.  Time to find out… This silly book, Coming and Going on Bikes, was at least momentarily the #1 seller on Amazon for Kindle books in the category of “Sports / Miscellaneous / Essays” and “Non-Fiction / Automotive / Motorcycles / History. ”  That may seem pretty specific — it’s not … [more]

Keepin’ it real?

Beaver Creek

They don’t roll up the sidewalks at 11 p.m. in Beaver Creek, Yukon, only because there are, in fact, no sidewalks to roll. We hit the border crossing from Alaska’s Glenn Highway at about 8:30, with magic light firing the golden leaves of aspens and the temperature reading about 10 degrees C (50 degrees F).  I’d … [more]

Buy me dinner first?

The first noticeable difference between flying into SeaTac, an airport surrounded by NW waters, and Anchorage is the proximity of deep, green trees to the airport. The next is the profusion of small aircraft on the field, not a known feature of metropolitan airports in CONUS.   The first noticeable thing about Anchorage itself is … [more]

Jaxwords WED 16 JUN 10

Hooliganiacal (hoo-le-guh-nie-i-cal) adj. 1.  Suggestive of or afflicted with insane lawlessness. 2.  Characterized by excessive enthusiasm for aggression. 3.  Obsessed with riding Aprilia motorcycles.