Jacks of all Trades (Jack Lewis)

There are at least four popular writers who go by the name of Jack Lewis.  Jack Lewis, C. Jack Lewis, C.S.Lewis (also known by “Jack”) and a socially conservative blogger we’ll ignore. While Jack might like to be mistaken for C.S. Lewis, at least at royalty distribution time, he is more commonly confused with the late Lt. Colonel Jack Lewis, USMC retired, who wrote extensively on guns as well as writing short stories and screenplays and riding motorcycles. Hard to imagine how people get confused, but even large bookstores like Barnes and Noble clump these two Jack Lewises together.

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Jack and his work have appeared in two films based on the book “Operation Homecoming: Iraq, Afghanistan and the Home Front” (ed. Andrew Carroll, Random House 2006).

  • Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience (dir. Richard Robbins, 2007) is a deeply meaningful documentary on early-millennium Middle East conflict, featuring writings of soldiers and their families from the book Operation Homecoming: Iraq, Afghanistan and the Home Front. It opened at the New York Film Forum in February, 2007 and was promptly nominated for
    the Academy award for Best Documentary. The film opened the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam, where it was nominated for the Pare Lorentz and Best Documentary awards, and was subsequently screened at numerous U.S. events including the Miami Film Festival where it won the People’s Choice Award.
  • A shortened version of Operation Homecoming was broadcast by WETA New York as part of a series entitled America at a Crossroads that screened April 15-20 on PBS affiliates nationwide. It was nominated for three Emmy awards, of which it won two.
  • Muse of Fire (dir. Laurence Bridges, 2007) is a documentary of NEA’s Operation Homecoming initiative. It enjoyed numerous screenings during 2007, including at the book’s release at the Library of Congress. Muse of Fire features Ray Bradbury and Kevin
    Costner in speaking roles alongside the veterans who contributed to the book and film.
  • Jack’s “Road Work” sequence from Operation Homecoming was prominently featured in the 2008 global film experiment Pangea Day, sponsored by TED.

While interning through the graduate program at USC film school, Jack received a “special thanks” credit for his assistance to the producer of “Denise Calls Up” directed by Hal Salwen in 1996.