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Light One Candle

I don’t know his name and never will. That candle is hard for me to label, and even harder to light. May his memory, tough though that is, be for a blessing.

Jack – Motorcyclist

Settle Down

If you believe only G-d can judge you, but you blithely affirm that gays are sinners... If you believe every woman has the right to an abortion, but no man has the right to a gun... If you're pretty sure the definition of terrorism turns more on egalitarian memes than on the motives of murdering criminals... If you believe that a fetus is a human being with civil rights, but a transsexual person is not... If you feel Christians are an oppressed minority, but we need to keep an eye on them Moo-slims... If you have a bumper sticker … [Read More...]

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Veteran’s Issues


I'm not proud of any of this. As I write this, it's National Coming Out Day. That's not my day, any more than Black Lives Matter is my life. I don't have any desire to dorksplain the meaning of situations, life circumstances, or events to which I am not party. More important to listen, I suspect, so maybe I'll post this tomorrow. My closet boasts not a single cheerful rainbow. There are universal human reasons for closets, though. They're where we hide like children. They're where we store the costumery we're not wearing right now: … [Read More...]

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