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Happy Day

Can’t hit an unwavering, choirboy-pure high note anymore (hi, Mom!), but these days I kinda like shuffling through a few songs, growling like Tom Waits’s bartender. There are few fucks left to give and each time I find one, I do my best to pass it down to our kids.

Jack – Motorcyclist

Settle Down

If you believe only G-d can judge you, but you blithely affirm that gays are sinners... If you believe every woman has the right to an abortion, but no man has the right to a gun... If you're pretty sure the definition of terrorism turns more on egalitarian memes than on the motives of murdering criminals... If you believe that a fetus is a human being with civil rights, but a transsexual person is not... If you feel Christians are an oppressed minority, but we need to keep an eye on them Moo-slims... If you have a bumper sticker … [Read More...]

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Veteran’s Issues

Light One Candle

It's darkening quickly here, the way it does in winter. All the lights are on. Since our wood stove won't accommodate a log sized to the Jol (Yule) tradition, we get by on recycled slag glass fixtures, a string of penguin lights gifted by friends in the front window, and boudoir table lamps twinkling cheerfully through antique beaded shades. And candles. So many candles... Tonight we start up our annual family practice, adding a candle (sometimes two) each night throughout what began as a stark grieving practice but which has since warmed … [Read More...]

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