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She put on a brave smile this morning, ate some French toast, and saddled up to go help teach at shul. Pretty Wife made sure our teen was snugly ensconced in her little Toyota, engine fired and seat belt on, before looking away from the window and letting the tears come. There are no safe … [more]

Jack – Motorcyclist

Not even slightly about Harvey Weinstein

Decades ago, when I was younger and taller and faster and dumber, I found the big red Guzzi parked on a carpet of flattened beer cans and discarded condoms in the alcove under a staircase at our Mission-style barracks on Fort Sill, leaned down to the clubman bars, and rolled her out onto the wet asphalt. Nothing smells better than the air after an Oklahoma thunder bumper, and the shaven nubs of hair up the back of my neck bristled with anticipation as I pulled black, G.I. work gloves over my zipped-down jacket sleeves and snubbed up … [Read More...]

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Veteran’s Issues

Out of sync, out of season, and probably not for you

From ca. 2009: For a while, I’d hated going into Costco, but I was getting past that. It’s just, well… there’s all that harsh, white light. Tons of people, too many to watch, and confusing levels of background noise. And all those god-damned lights… did we talk about the lights? No way to tell who’s up there, looking down through those skeletal gantries lined with lights. Every time I went in there, my shoulder blades itched, but I was getting past it. So far past it, in fact, that I could let my sweetheart wander off — unescorted! — … [Read More...]

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