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Darkly Dawns the Solstice

A couple of years later, I left the careful silence of our never-home apartment to spend my birthday alone, sleeping rough under a ’58 Willys in the company of my good dog Junior and a dented bourbon flask.

Jack – Motorcyclist


I'm not proud of any of this. As I write this, it's National Coming Out Day. That's not my day, any more than Black Lives Matter is my life. I don't have any desire to dorksplain the meaning of situations, life circumstances, or events to which I am not party. More important to listen, I suspect, so maybe I'll post this tomorrow. My closet boasts not a single cheerful rainbow. There are universal human reasons for closets, though. They're where we hide like children. They're where we store the costumery we're not wearing right now: … [Read More...]

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Veteran’s Issues

Happy Day

It was Day 30 of the longest shutdown in the history of our federal government. It was a chilly, sunny Sunday. It was the date of a blood wolf super moon lunar eclipse. And it was my birthday. Super blowout rager? Nah. Not this time. We'll do that party in a few days. All y'all Jan babies are invited. See invitation, or ping me. Annual birthday ride, far enough up the Cascade range to see where the ice starts? Solo snow camp with a bagful of bourbon, to consider past and future? Nope. Those are in my past. Also in the rear-view mirror: … [Read More...]

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