Head Check


“I look forward to reading Jack’s work like one looks forward to enjoying a great meal or a superb glass of wine or cup of coffee. I savor it, never rushing. I soak it up. It usually makes me smile, first at him, then at myself.

If you love riding motorcycles or even thinking about riding motorcycles I promise you’ll love this book.” — Ren Doughty

This collection of magazine features and columns alongside personally published web pieces and new material may be populated by motorcycles, but it centers around the varied experiences of riders (and their tolerant keepers) in a world where risk is a bet you make with yourself for purposes that must always transcend mere recreation. Head Check is – beneath the sarcastic wit, wide-eyed fear, profound humility, and occasional descents into scatology – a collection of love stories. Recommended for riders, readers, passengers, and humans.

Available from Litsam, Amazon and select bookstores and motorcycle shops.

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Nothing in Reserve

Nothing in Reserve: true stories, not war stories

“Nothing in Reserve” is an intensely personal and relevant look at America in the early 21st century and one of the best books written about the Iraq War yet.  – SeattlePI

Jack’s memoir, Nothing in Reserve: True Stories, not War Stories was published in 2011 and received a Reviewer’s Choice award from Midwest Book Review. It is available in paper from Amazon, Powell’s Books, Elliott Bay, Third Place Books and many other bookstores.  (Ask your local bookstore to order it for you.) It is also available as an ebook from Kindle, Kobo, and Nook.

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Motorcyclist Magazine

Jack Lewis is a contributing editor to Motorcyclist magazine where he writes features and the column “Behind Bars.” Articles posted online by Motorcyclist can be found on his author page.

Coming and Going on Bikes : book coverComing and Going on Bikes: Essaying the Motorcycle presents six fully restored articles and adds a “bonus track.” Coming and Going on Bikes is available from most major e-book distributors including Kindle, Kobo, Nook, and some bookstores.
NOTE:All material in Coming & Going on Bikes is included in Head Check, which is available as a paperback or kindle book.


Two of Jack Lewis’ short stories are featured in Operation Homecoming, the award-winning anthology of stories written by military personnel and their families and edited by Andrew Carroll about military service in Iraq and Afghanistan. Jack’s stories “Purple Hearted” and “Road Work” have been quoted for numerous articles and featured in two documentary films.

  • “Purple Hearted” was selected as the NEA’s exemplar in their newsletter. It was also published in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, featured in Soldier of Fortune magazine and picked up by Stryker News. Purple Hearted was featured in the documentary Muse of Fire.
  • “Road Work” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize by Facets A Literary Magazine. It was subsequently featured on the New Yorker Online and read at Symphony Space as an NPR Selected Short. “Road Work” formed a sequence in the documentary Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience, which won two Emmys and was nominated for an Academy award.

The classic reminiscence “Riding Home” is included in Lee Klancher’s print book The Devil Can Ride: The World’s Best Motorcycle Writing.

Short Stories and Individual Contributions

Jack has also contributed to the following magazines, newspapers, and other projects:

  • “Matriculation” was published in ZYZZYVA, Winter 2005.
  • “Game Day” was published in Soldier of Fortune magazine under the headline “PSY WAR.”
  • “Unblocked Ambush” was excerpted by the Chicago Tribune, and run whole in its electronic edition. This piece was featured at a reading at Powell’s Books in Portland, OR.
  • A chapter in progress was published by Crosscut under the headline Remembering the Soldiers of 1-25.” and republished in Stryker News.
  • Best selling novelist Robert Dugoni consulted with Jack for his book Wrongful Death: A Novel.
  • Jack has written for Crosscut, the Seattle PI, the Robb Report, and the Huffington Post