Call for critics

They say everyone’s a critic.  Time to find out…

This silly book, Coming and Going on Bikes, was at least momentarily the #1 seller on Amazon for Kindle books in the category of “Sports / Miscellaneous / Essays” and “Non-Fiction / Automotive / Motorcycles / History. ”  That may seem pretty specific — it’s not like we’re competing with the Bible or Herman Melville — but hey, I was excited.

Yay for us!  I didn’t do that.  Friends did it for me.  A whole bunch of you actually clicked the BUY button on that page.

Jack Lewis -- #1 in 2 Kindle categories

Thank you, sports fans!  Now, being the greedy feller I am, I’d like to ask you one more favor.  Hopefully, there are a few of you Kindlers out there who thought you got your money’s worth out of your $2.99.  Would you do me the courtesy of investing a few minutes into writing a review on Amazon’s page?

The goal here is to remain productively semi-underemployed so I can write some more of these things.  I’m countin’ on ya — and clearly I’m counting on the right people.

Again, I thank you.  See you on the road.



  1. Just finished : Coming and Going on Bikes….the only real silly thing is the low Kindle price.
    It’s a read worth lots more, but let’s hope it stays #1 for awhile.
    Almost makes me want to do the a Trans American Trail just to get some real dirt experience….. All so far is asphalt and gravel…. My Weestrom has taken me on all those western roads in the book…ID, OR, WA, UT, NV, CA, AZ, MT ….. Now my wife is a licensed rider… Favorite road …. FR39 Oregon….sorry not at 80mph.


  2. Richard Bringe says

    Greetings Jack I missed you in the March issue of Motorcyclist. Wha hoppen? Luckily I spotted your $2.99 book on my recently acquired Kindle. What A deal and what luck. I’m still riding at 78, along with two sons and two sons in law, “The Inlaws”, ouch. Anyway, I baby a FZ6 and a VLX, How diverse can you get?
    Keep up the good work, I’ll keep reading it. Dick

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