Old Enough, To No Better (posted from Iron Horse Garage)

Chantilly lace and a pretty face And a pony tail hanging down That wiggle in the walk and giggle in the talk Makes the world go round —Chantilly Lace, The Big Bopper There are certain things that give women to understand that we — that is, male humans — don’t ever really grow up. Never … [more]

Crisis Mode

The Most Interesting Man In The World is just a sadbelly beer pusher with nothing interesting to say about motorcycles, but the most interesting woman I’ve ever known once said of midlife crises, “Have them early and often.” It’s fair to say that she had no idea what she was signing up for. She probably … [more]

Pit Stop

This is who he was… He became a friend to me within a week after we moved into the decaying edifice across from his house. He was a journeyman carpenter; proud of his work, but humble about his life.  He would tell me which tools I needed – then loan them to me. He didn’t … [more]


  If thou’lt permit… We’re having a reading from Nothing In Reserve: True Stories, Not War Stories at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park, WA. This is the last anticipated reading in the Seattle area. The reading takes place at 1830 (6:30 p.m.) on Saturday, November 19 and will run for about an hour … [more]

For Whom the Liberty Bell Tolls (or: Brief Thoughts on Crossing the Border on a Motorcycle)

I am an American, and this means certain things. As an American, I will say what I want, when I want, to whom I want. If you find my speech upsetting or disgusting, dangerous or irresponsible or even un-American, that’s your problem.  I’m an American.  I say what I want. I have the right to … [more]

What dreams may come?

My favorite things are memories that wait for me to come to them, instead of chasing me through the night to whisper terrible truths when I tire and can’t outrun them. This has been a summer of quality memory building. The Triumph ride in California was a grand jaunt, even if I did come home … [more]

Unexpected consequences

There’s an old story about Chinese luck. It’s probably B.S., which is why it belongs in this blog… An aged farmer’s stallion kicked down his stall and ran off. The farmer’s neighbors commiserated. “Ah, bad luck!,” they said, but Li Chien only shrugged. “Good luck, bad luck,” he said. “Who can tell?” Shaking their heads … [more]

Was it worth it for you?

Everyone worth knowing will break your heart. They won’t mean to. Anything worth having is worth keeping, and you will someday give up your dearest friends, your parents, compatriots… even your children. That’s gonna leave a mark. There’s only one way around it: cut yourself off right now. Don’t go to that party with the … [more]