Books! Brownies! Motorcycles!

So let’s see… ticking off a few of my favorite things: reading, writing, riding and BSing with soldiers. It’s a quadrafecta! Yeah, I made that word up — sadly, that’s another favorite vice.

So here’s what we’re up to:

South Sound BMW, one of the juiciest motorcycle dealerships in the PNW, holds its annual Vendor Fair on Saturday from 0900-1700. They’ll have riding gear, new bikes, used bikes, girls on bikes, safety info and darned decent coffee.

They’ll also have a writer guy at a table (that’s me, Motorcyclist magazine columnist and occasional book writer), selling copies of a book called Nothing in Reserve.

Nothing in Reserve: true stories, not war stories

It’s about growing up late. It’s about deploying and redeploying, and the cost that carries for servicemembers, families and the community. It’s about determination. It’s angry and it’s joyful. The book (and its author) are redeemed by a pretty girl and a puppy.

Who doesn’t like puppies? Admit it: you love puppies.

No singing or dancing, though. On the good hand, we’ll have brownies. Come by, say hi and score a brownie. Show up with military ID or buy a book, two brownies for you!

It’s looking to be a bit drizzly on Saturday, so you may as well enjoy some shiny motorcycles indoors, drink a little coffee and talk about what’s most important in life — whatever that may be to you.

We’ll be there all day.

WHERE:  South Sound BMW motorcycle dealership

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WHEN:  Saturday, May 21, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

WHAT:  Book signing of Nothing in Reserve by Jack Lewis (Litsam, Inc. 2011)

WHY:  To meet readers, riders and writers

HOW:  Expeditiously

WHO:  Us.  You.  The PNW riding and military communities.  Possibly some o’ that ol’, familiar rain.

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