Secrets of Nym…

I’m gonna miss my Google+ account when they take it away from me, as must surely happen any minute now. Not because I paid anything for it — like all social networking media to date, G+ relies more on selling me to advertisers than on selling stuff to me — and not because I get … [more]

For Whom the Liberty Bell Tolls (or: Brief Thoughts on Crossing the Border on a Motorcycle)

I am an American, and this means certain things. As an American, I will say what I want, when I want, to whom I want. If you find my speech upsetting or disgusting, dangerous or irresponsible or even un-American, that’s your problem.  I’m an American.  I say what I want. I have the right to … [more]

Fire in the Hole!

My little book, Nothing In Reserve, has attracted a reading date at Elliott Bay Books in Seattle.  5-6pm September 10th 1521 Tenth Avenue Seattle WA 98122 Because I’m more of a writer than a performer, a friendly face (or several) helps keep me from mumbling into my chest. Even if you already have your copy … [more]