Stoplight Epilogue

26OCT 05, United States of America We were almost home when a round number fell out of the radio. I put my hand up to my mouth, remembered that I don’t smoke anymore, and put it back on the steering wheel. The traffic light ahead flashed to red, and we all stopped together. Looking straight … [more]

Gardening Children

This evening, Smalldaughter read herself to bed with Robert Louis Stevenson’s “A Child’s Garden of Verses.” The last person who read that to me was my mother, a lean redhead with a lilt in her voice at bedtime belying the circumstances surrounding her. We never knew why she barely ate at the table, took her … [more]

After the MEDEVAC

We turned in helmet, rifle, vest; packed Hollywood knife Stetson and spurs picture of a redhead’s smile and an ammo pouch with candy to send home without the teddy bear he told his son he’d keep.

For Lauralynne, a fast lady

Beauty is in the heart of the beheld.

Call for critics

They say everyone’s a critic.  Time to find out… This silly book, Coming and Going on Bikes, was at least momentarily the #1 seller on Amazon for Kindle books in the category of “Sports / Miscellaneous / Essays” and “Non-Fiction / Automotive / Motorcycles / History. ”  That may seem pretty specific — it’s not … [more]

Goyim Prayer

A couple of years ago, I sent a note out to friends.  Because it still seems generally relevant to my little life, I’ve reproduced it here (thanks to Gutenburg, Eli Whitney, Bill Gates et al for reminding us of the convenience of modular bits). Tonight begins Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement.  I’m not Jewish, but of … [more]

Stryking out

Rush down alleys, stone walls fly past, impact bullet punched deep into fatty liver narrow young man drops gun, dogma, life itself to steal is repurposing, liberating sometimes defensible to kill is squandering everything he had trickles down filthy gutters wasted.  We never slowed down.

Keepin’ it real?