BOOK SIGNING:  “Nothing in Reserve: true stories, not war stories.”

We’re setting up a table at Ride West BMW tomorrow to sign copies of “Nothing in Reserve.” We will have cookies and shiny new books.  Ride West will have shiny new (and used) motorcycles. You will experience a fine opportunity to purchase either a shiny book or a shiny motorcycle.

Nothing in Reserve: true stories, not war stories

Buy book, get cookie. Now, doesn’t that beat “press bar, get pellet?” Take the afternoon off — it is Saturday, after all. If you buy a bike, make sure to negotiate for a tankbag to hold your book.

If you already have a copy by some Amazon-enabled means, bring it by and say “hi” to the nervous writer guy, who will cheerfully sign it for you. You still get a cookie. Maybe two. Motorcycles also signed at no charge, though we don’t believe it will enhance your resale value.

Black bike for bookin'

Books are $15.00 cash at the table (i.e. Dave Preston’s desk), and that includes tax, shipping and handling. We won’t have a credit card machine, so book buying money must be foldable. To buy a motorcycle while there, check at the next desk over.

At five p.m. the store closes and we will decamp across the road to Cooper’s Ale House, either to celebrate our burgeoning literary dominance or drown our sorrows in buckets of beer.  Don’t want a book? Join us for beer.

WHAT:  Book signing

WHERE:  Ride West BMW, on Lake City Way near I-5 in Seattle

WHEN:  Saturday, 07 MAY (TOMORROW), from 1400 (2 p.m.) to two bells, first dog watch (5 p.m.).

WHY …didn’t you hear about this earlier? Because logistics are hard.

HOW:  With a Bic Stic and a smile.

WHO:  You. Be there, please. I get nervous around strangers, so I’d sure like to see some friends.

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