Field Training Exercise

Here’s your challenge for today:

Set up a protest site. Make it defiantly public.Add an Image

Bring in a few hundred people, but make sure they have a thousand political causes.

Refine your message for public consumption.

Feed your protesters. House them in tents. Make medical care available.

Negotiate with government.

In the face of repeated rumors of arrest, keep your protesters from scattering. Prevent all forms of violence.

Get your message across. Above the noise of job, child care, presidential campaigning and three wars, find a way to make the public care.

Be heard. Be an American.



  1. Not an easy exercise. Nobody said it was going to be. Nobody said it *should* be. But even if it’s a tactical failure, if it gets people *thinking* again, if it gets them to ignore the pablum coming out of the output-only, 1%-driven glass teat they’ve been sucking on for the last half-century or so and realize that the real news is now coming from people like themselves, getting up off their butts and going downtown and videoing and texting and tweeting and mybooking and facespacing and googling and holy crap *taking something to donate*…

    It’s a tipping point, I think, I hope, and if this one little shove pushes enough pebbles over the edge….

    Nevermind. The avalanche has already begun. It is too late for the pebbles to vote.

    I think I need to file some prescription refills. It might be important.

  2. Glenn’s right. I marched against Vietnam, one message. One response. Artillery duel, essentially. I marched against Iraq. Another duel.

    This is house to house. A recognition of asymmetry. We’re wooing the natives now. They didn’t know they were occupied.

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