Fire in the Hole!

My little book, Nothing In Reserve, has attracted a reading date at Elliott Bay Books in Seattle.  5-6pm September 10th 1521 Tenth Avenue Seattle WA 98122 Because I’m more of a writer than a performer, a friendly face (or several) helps keep me from mumbling into my chest. Even if you already have your copy … [more]

Something Wicked

I woke up happy this morning, secure on a sunny summer morning as a citizen of the world’s sole superpower, next to my sweet wife. We were thinking about a little shakedown trip on the bikes. Pretty Wife’s little BMW has new shoes, and my ankle and knee are still unsteady, but the prospect of … [more]

Where does it come from?

If our freedoms are secured by the army, liberty depends on other people’s weapons… and their integrity. If our freedoms are secured by the Constitution, liberty depends on nine people of retirement age, ensconced in lifetime sinecures. If our freedoms are secured by G-D, we’d better hope that we’re praying with the right words. If … [more]

Extremely put out

Repeatedly called an “extremist” by Democrats during the 1964 Presidential campaign, Sen. Barry Goldwater (R-AZ) felt the need to channel Marcus Tullius Cicero and remind America, during his acceptance speech as the Republican nominee, that “extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice;” also that “moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.” … [more]

My favorite spam so far

I know, I know… it’s just spam.  And ESL spam, at that.  But someone, in some sweatshop in East Nigeria or Guangdong or maybe a basement in Bangladesh is doing his or her very best work, and this one (I blush to say) warmed my ossified heart just a little.  Couldn’t let it slip through … [more]

Not all toasters are created equal

You got yer raffles, and then you got yer SERIOUS raffles.  Since it seems to be raffle week around Jaxworx, here’s another big chance to win, win, WIN! Seriously, who wouldn’t leap to buy a chance at a 1973 BMW R75/5? You say you wouldn’t? Yeah… okay, I get that. Although I’ve always had a … [more]

Portland rocks!

So that was refreshing to hear… Pretty Publisher informs me that Litsam has successfully placed Nothing In Reserve at Powell’s Books. Powell’s is a particular fetish I share with millions of Portlanders, former Portlanders, imPorted landers and people who only wish they were hip enough to sashay through the Pearl District, but find it too … [more]

Unexpected consequences

There’s an old story about Chinese luck. It’s probably B.S., which is why it belongs in this blog… An aged farmer’s stallion kicked down his stall and ran off. The farmer’s neighbors commiserated. “Ah, bad luck!,” they said, but Li Chien only shrugged. “Good luck, bad luck,” he said. “Who can tell?” Shaking their heads … [more]