A terse reminder

Dear fellow American,

I’d like to pass along this brief reminder, for purposes of clarification.

Despite what others may say, you’re not part of the problem if you:

  • believe your President heralds the coming of the Antichrist
  • call your military servicemembers “sadists” and “mass murderers”
  • insist on social control of vaginas, but are afraid to say that word
  • sew Canadian flags onto your luggage when you travel
  • demand that your government keep its hands off your Social Security
  • believe that every cop is your enemy
  • look down on single mothers
  • invent novel reasons to call someone a “Nazi”
  • conflate secession with patriotism
  • declare war on recreational drug use
  • ever ate a freedom fry
  • declare war on recreational gun use
  • imagine that other religions are weirder than yours
  • divide the country into “agrees with me” and “stupid”
  • call others’ belief systems “mental illness”
  • want to raise everyone’s kids but your own
  • stopped voting years ago

Nope. You’re not part of the problem. You ARE the problem.


your neighbor

(as thyself)


  1. http://Carl%20Lincoln says

    Decry socialism while driving down the freeway

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