Flying ACE

Sometimes I forget about things. I’ve been meaning to post this onto Jaxworx, if only to share the transcendent joy of stone knife-simple — yet purposefully refined — open air motoring of the kind espoused by Mr. Peter Larsen. This article was originally written in the autumn of 2008 for Motorcyclist magazine which, after some … [more]

Vote like your life depends on it!

I posted a tiny, white-hot rant on Facebook today, and it seemed to hit a nerve. My little temper tantrum read like this: “Sorry if this offends, but: Those of you voting for candidates I respect, thank you. Full stop. Those of you voting for candidates with whom I disagree (probably vociferously), you have my … [more]

Prequel, the First

In 2011, my publisher Litsam, Inc. released Nothing In Reserve, a group of stories surrounding my deployment to Iraq in 2004-’05.  The following events and observations preceded the span covered by that book; some by a lot, some by less.  These are some of the triggers that launched my personal bullet, one which will seem … [more]

Reminders from an Irish Rose

I appreciate graceful language where I find it, but for a people wielding history’s most acquisitive linguistic hegemony, we’ve hidden it well. English suffers from its economic superiority. Victors are precise, even eloquent in the description of conquests past, but the beautiful human anguish dries up and falls away from a people too well-heeled, too … [more]

Night Driver

Written in 2006 and excerpted from a previous manuscript, this another snippet that didn’t make the cut for my book, Nothing In Reserve.  As mentioned previously, I’d like to put a couple of these out there during the week before Veterans Day (during which Nothing In Reserve will be on sale in recognition of veterans). Please note that, although written … [more]


  If thou’lt permit… We’re having a reading from Nothing In Reserve: True Stories, Not War Stories at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park, WA. This is the last anticipated reading in the Seattle area. The reading takes place at 1830 (6:30 p.m.) on Saturday, November 19 and will run for about an hour … [more]

NaNoWriMo boo-boo!

It is the month of noveling dangerously. National Novel Writing Month started ten and a half hours ago, and so far all I’ve written is the previous sentence and a half. Plots? I don’t got ’em. Since I’m currently on a fast until I get blood drawn in a couple of hours, I’m not phantastically … [more]

Secrets of Nym…

I’m gonna miss my Google+ account when they take it away from me, as must surely happen any minute now. Not because I paid anything for it — like all social networking media to date, G+ relies more on selling me to advertisers than on selling stuff to me — and not because I get … [more]