Lost again.

I was supposed to link up with the Harley guys.   “It’s easy,” Eitan said, a week ago when I picked up his big, black hog.  Had he known I was going to use it to chase medics around through Tel Aviv and Jerusalem traffic, he might not have been sanguine about dropping the key … [more]


I went to get a coffee at the lobby bar, and asked the bartender — who was efficient, courteous and courtly — about buying a container of spreadable chocolate for the kids. Turns out there’s a grocery store close by. He gave me walking directions, then quietly warned me not to eat it in the … [more]

Goyim along, singin’ a song…

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to . . . resign myself to doing without the things I forgot, most likely. So that’s it? One-point-five blog entries and he hangs it up? If only. No, I’m committed to this sorta-two-way communication with you, Faire Reader, but I’ll be out of town for a few … [more]