Old Enough, To No Better (posted from Iron Horse Garage)

Chantilly lace and a pretty face And a pony tail hanging down That wiggle in the walk and giggle in the talk Makes the world go round —Chantilly Lace, The Big Bopper There are certain things that give women to understand that we — that is, male humans — don’t ever really grow up. Never … [more]

Crisis Mode

The Most Interesting Man In The World is just a sadbelly beer pusher with nothing interesting to say about motorcycles, but the most interesting woman I’ve ever known once said of midlife crises, “Have them early and often.” It’s fair to say that she had no idea what she was signing up for. She probably … [more]

What is this worth to you?

Happy Juneteenth, the celebration of my country finding its soul at great cost. The Civil War cost us more lives than any conflict before WWII — and was perhaps the most worthwhile expenditure of American lives and treasure since the Revolutionary War. It was that rarest of things: a war actually fought to ensure the … [more]

Five annos on

June 2012 The past few years have treated me luxuriously.  I have a partner with a smile so shiny, she lights up every room she enters.  I get to write things and post them around, and call it my profession (I profess that this is what I do; is that close?).  Daughtergirl is rump-kicking her … [more]

Prequel, the First

In 2011, my publisher Litsam, Inc. released Nothing In Reserve, a group of stories surrounding my deployment to Iraq in 2004-’05.  The following events and observations preceded the span covered by that book; some by a lot, some by less.  These are some of the triggers that launched my personal bullet, one which will seem … [more]

Pit Stop

This is who he was… He became a friend to me within a week after we moved into the decaying edifice across from his house. He was a journeyman carpenter; proud of his work, but humble about his life.  He would tell me which tools I needed – then loan them to me. He didn’t … [more]

Dream Boyz

When Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had dreams, they were visions of a better future for all humankind. When I have dreams, they’re just very strange narratives that leave me lying awake, wondering who it is that lives in my head at night. Last night’s entry in the annual Academy Awards for Political Unconciousness went … [more]

Dear Snotty Kid…

I didn’t ask whether you opened the door. I told you to close it. I don’t care if they’re your favorite pants. I care whether they cover your butt. That’s what pants are for, actually. It doesn’t matter if your homework is stupid. It matters that you do it. If you’re not hungry enough to … [more]