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Air(wo)man deployed

Differences Between Old Soldiers: Filmic & Actual

  IN THE MOVIES IN REAL LIFE Is surprised by untimely visit from government agents, descending by helicopter to give him one last secret mission. Is surprised when VA check arrives timely. Keeps a roomful of firearms in every known caliber and format. Keeps a freezer full of ice packs to fit every joint on … [more]

Jack – Motorcyclist

Dad with Brammo Empulse

Onward & Upward

I'm learning to fly, but I ain't got wings. Coming down is the hardest thing. —Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Learning to Fly   “Are you scared, Jack?” “No way, Dad!” I stood there, looking up the hill at what’s now named Straddleline ORV Park. It’s been closed off and on over the years. Back when it was new, it was just “the ORV.” The Hill – since closed for safety reasons – had a sign at the bottom reading “NO FOUR-WHEELED VEHICLES ALLOWED.” Kicking over a DT175 isn’t nearly hard enough. To my chagrin, it … [Read More...]

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Veteran’s Issues

cav radio

Going Ungently

A few minutes ago, I saw a post on Facebook from a man I respect, and was startled to realize that the events described below happened a full decade ago. I won't ask "where did the time go?" --  there are records of much of it, scattered around this very house -- but will note that I'm not sure I really know the guy who wrote these words anymore, even though he has the same name as me. The other names in this old piece of email aren't real. I changed them years ago. "SGT Bannock" and the captain know who they are; as for "SSG Grantley," … [Read More...]

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