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Knock this chip off my pedestal

Enough about the sniper guy, already. If you believe that Chris Kyle was a hero without flaws, you’ve gone woozy from the intoxicating smell of his jock. He was, at the least, an occasional liar and notable braggart. Not that I begrudge him his well-earned braggadocio (per the Oakland Raiders of yore, “it ain’t braggin’ if … [more]

Jack – Motorcyclist


Want to Break New Ground?

Head Check: What it Feels Like to Ride Motorcycles is live on Amazon.com, which means that just any old person can buy it, from all over the world. That's an exciting notion for me. But what does it mean for you, Loyal Reader? Yeah... you. Over there. The tall, good-lookin' one with critical thinking powers and unexcelled leadership potential. What opportunity awaits? Well, in the words of Amazon's head robot, it means you can "Be the first to review this item." What do you say? Do you have what it takes to be a U.S. reviewer? … [Read More...]

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Veteran’s Issues

female fighter jocks

Boobs On The Ground

  I fell in love twice today, once more than my usual visit to the VA. Sophia is my cheerful torturer, lending me unearned vitality as she teases, cajoles, and punts me through my physical therapy regimen. I have a standard nurse crush on her, the kind you cherish for a woman who sees you at your worst and still banters with you as though you were a fully functioning adult, capable of defending yourself. But that’s the love you expect, part and parcel of the treatment and nothing like the fast flush you get when smitten out of the … [Read More...]

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