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Boobs On The Ground

  I fell in love twice today, once more than my usual visit to the VA. Sophia is my cheerful torturer, lending me unearned vitality as she teases, cajoles, and punts me through my physical therapy regimen. I have a standard nurse crush on her, the kind you cherish for a woman who sees you … [more]

Jack – Motorcyclist

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Eight Bells on the Last Dog’s Watch

It was a short errand, but I put on my gear, anyway. Might as well pretend I know what I'm doing. We have a motorcycle ride scheduled for Monday, up along some of my favorite King and Snohomish county roads. I laid out the route on Friday morning. It's a good one. One of my accustomed errands is to prep the bikes. With Pretty Wife's little black Triumph (like a little black dress, it fit most any occasion) parked in by the van and truck, I motocrossed it around the house, through the back yard and up past the garage. It has a great frame, … [Read More...]

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Veteran’s Issues


Memories? Well, yeah…

A lot of people maintain strong opinions, but I'm not sure how to respond to Memorial Day. A good friend reminds his fellow Americans that there's no "happy" in a Memorial Day greeting; that it is to be construed as a pensive remembrance. Another friend makes a cogent argument for cheerful remembrance, with a toast to the fallen enjoyed in the smiling company of the living. Me? I don't know. Our daughter is fluey and feverish. We're negotiating for a puppy. The neighbor has cancer and could use some chicken soup. We're planning another … [Read More...]

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