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In the bookstore today, I dutifully reported to the display shelf adjacent to U.S. History, where I regularly check to see if our well-written, scrupulously edited, glowingly reviewed and woefully undersold anthology Operation Homecoming is still on offer. I did not find it there. The display of writing on our military experiences in Iraq and … [more]

Jack – Motorcyclist

Look Twice

Couple of days ago, I had the honor of delivering a short address at the opening of the Buffalo Chip Freedom Celebration Ride launching from Spearfish, South Dakota. The following post is the approximate shape of that little speech. ================= Hello, and thanks for having me. I’m afraid I’ve got a few holes in my memory, so I’m going to have to use these notes. This year, I experienced the vast privilege of riding out from Los Angeles all the way to Sturgis with members of the inaugural Veterans Charity Ride, an event … [Read More...]

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Veteran’s Issues

In Memorium

One of the older instructions we have toward memory and honor is told by the honoree. “This do,” said a very influential man, “in remembrance of me.” The act he was speaking of was simple, human, and intimate: sharing food between friends. Every Memorial Day weekend, we’re reminded that it’s about more than white sales and barbecues and an extra day with your family and friends. This is a bias that I share. Out at Tahoma National Cemetery lie rank upon rank of my peers, leaders, forebears, and role models. Each year I visit them, less for … [Read More...]

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