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Head Check: What it Feels Like to Ride Motorcycles is live on Amazon.com, which means that just any old person can buy it, from all over the world. That’s an exciting notion for me. But what does it mean for you, Loyal Reader? Yeah… you. Over there. The tall, good-lookin’ one with critical thinking powers and … [more]

Jack – Motorcyclist

Kaw H2R rear quarter

Showing Off

It's been a long time since it was cool to go to a motorcycle show. Just corporate shills, and overpriced exotica, and hipsters and posers and fakes. Right? I don't care, though. Turns out I like motorcycles quite a bit, enough to overcome my aversion to crowds. Enough to meet up with people I have no excuse not to see more, and be prepared to explain myself. Most importantly, perhaps, enough to struggle into my Ralphie suit, clap on a hard hat, and forge into rain-lubricated Seattle traffic. Doesn't seem like a big deal, I know. … [Read More...]

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Veteran’s Issues


Memories? Well, yeah…

A lot of people maintain strong opinions, but I'm not sure how to respond to Memorial Day. A good friend reminds his fellow Americans that there's no "happy" in a Memorial Day greeting; that it is to be construed as a pensive remembrance. Another friend makes a cogent argument for cheerful remembrance, with a toast to the fallen enjoyed in the smiling company of the living. Me? I don't know. Our daughter is fluey and feverish. We're negotiating for a puppy. The neighbor has cancer and could use some chicken soup. We're planning another … [Read More...]

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