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Painting by the numbers

“__________ is just a number.” Is it, really? Only that? When you’re painting by the numbers, the colors aren’t your own. The amount of weight you lifted ten years ago (or last week): that’s just a number. It means nothing to you now. The amount you lift today is a piece of your life as it … [more]

Jack – Motorcyclist


The first of us headed out last night, on bikes and planes aimed homeward. Tommy and Max were kickstands up this morning, burning west toward Boise to knock off a Saddle Sore 1000 sanctioned by the Iron Butt Association. We’ve all swapped hugs and commitments of goodwill. A knot of four riders and one girlfriend is stopping into Sturgis to pick up bargain t-shirts on their way to the airport at Denver. My helmet, like the others’, is properly bedazzled with silver signatures from the core rider group, including the guy I most consistently … [Read More...]

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Veteran’s Issues

A 9/11 Forget Me Not

In a word, “no.” This day – one that will live in a lesser infamy than Pearl Harbor, as a time when our self-declared enemies intentionally selected non-military primary targets to show us our vulnerabilities and terrify those willing to be cowed – will not define me. It will not rule me by fear. It will not buffalo me into hatred. It will not take my life. It won’t even take this day. Some of us can’t help repeating the truism, “I will never forget.” No, you won’t. I won’t. None of us who watched our soaring national dreams … [Read More...]

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