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Moving out on Veterans Charity Ride

Forced Busing

Monday morning was hurry-up-and-wait, but every rider was cheerful and the feeling was as familiar as leather personnel carriers: we were embarking on a squad-sized vehicle road march, with a support team in larger vehicles. Up in our room, George and I had fiddled with gear, packing and repacking bags and pockets and jackets and … [more]

Jack – Motorcyclist

parade route Indians

Game Boy

  I don’t play games. There are so many other fine ways to waste time, money, and spousal patience that I’ve never really felt the draw. Well, not since all those bags of quarters invested in playing Battle Zone at the Plaid Pantry, anyway. The best moment in any game is the bonus round. That’s the one you earn: another green-outlined tank, a life beyond lives, an extra ball to shoot. Nothing makes a kid feel more intrepid than “living” a little longer and performing a little better than his buddy, because – as we all quickly … [Read More...]

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Veteran’s Issues

Jack Lewis

Gear Up & Locked

We all speak the same language, even if the dialects differ. It's a language of cheerful suffering (aka "good training!") and affected cynicism that papers over selfless service (e.g. "yeah, y'know, it's all about me..."). Over dinner at the Burbank Marriott's Daily Grill, the jokes leapt over each other like sportive otters, just the way you always do at a family reunion. Most of us have never met, of course. At least three services are represented: army and, um... some other guys. Most everyone riding tomorrow sports a noticeable … [Read More...]

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