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Game Boy

  I don’t play games. There are so many other fine ways to waste time, money, and spousal patience that I’ve never really felt the draw. Well, not since all those bags of quarters invested in playing Battle Zone at the Plaid Pantry, anyway. The best moment in any game is the bonus round. That’s the one … [more]

Jack – Motorcyclist


Something About Sidecars

“There’s just something about sidecars,” I thought, rattling eastward across Snoqualmie Valley. It was time to give back the hack, and I wasn’t sure I was ready. Through the simple human kindness and superior gullibility of Jim at Motoduvall, I’d taken loan of “Brunhilde,” a brilliant three- wheeled rig based on a BMW R1200C, and proceeded to sail its pretty little car like a kite all over King and Snohomish counties. I’ve been gimping a bit lately, but I recently agreed to herd a sidecar cross-country to Sturgis this summer, toting a … [Read More...]

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Veteran’s Issues

Air(wo)man deployed

Differences Between Old Soldiers: Filmic & Actual

  IN THE MOVIES IN REAL LIFE IS SURPRISED by untimely visit from government agents, descending by helicopter to give him one last secret mission. IS SURPRISED when VA check arrives timely. KEEPS a roomful of firearms in every known caliber and format. KEEPS a freezer full of ice packs to fit every joint on her body. IS NEVER caught without half a dozen loaded magazines in his tactical pants. IS OCCASIONALLY surprised to discover that his fly is unzipped. FINDS A WAY to kill even the most evil and resourceful … [Read More...]

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