Portland rocks!

So that was refreshing to hear… Pretty Publisher informs me that Litsam has successfully placed Nothing In Reserve at Powell’s Books.

Powell’s is a particular fetish I share with millions of Portlanders, former Portlanders, imPorted landers and people who only wish they were hip enough to sashay through the Pearl District, but find it too intimidating (or possibly a bit damp) so they order over the web.

Corner entrance to Powell's Books

Portal to the wonders of Powell's

I care about this because I’ve idolized Powell’s “City of Books” and their separate technical bookstore since I was a Rose City tot. You, on the other hand, may only care about it because leaving a comment on a book at the Powell’s site enters you in their Daily Dose raffle that awards a minimum of 20 bucks a day.  However, the 20 bucks rolls into the next day if it goes unclaimed, and today’s total is up to a fairly solid 80 dollars. That’s a pretty spiffy reward for leaving a two- or three-sentence review (which I would, if I weren’t so durned shy, very much encourage you to consider leaving — see, there’s this book; it’s called Nothing In Reserve…).

Will I send you eighty bucks personally? I will not. You will, however, benefit from my best wishes and a standing invitation to coffee or a beer (depending on whether before or after breakfast) at some agreeable time in some pleasant place.

Will Powell’s Books send you 80 dollars? Well, that depends. At the moment, there is precisely zero chance of that. Post a comment, however, and your odds will skyrocket.



  1. Dan Jacobs says

    Did it for you, sweet pea!

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