A brief manifesto of things that shouldn’t need repeating

I have the right:


To enjoy my life with minimal interference.

To say what I mean, out loud and in public.

To rely on the security of my home.

To negotiate for myself, or in association with others.

To risk my safety.

To access the best available data.

To ignore social norms of low or non-existent utility.

To administration by a government that arrogates less privacy than its citizens enjoy.

To harvest and use any natural fruits of the earth.

To travel freely.

To follow my own god or gods – or no god at all – and to ignore the god or gods of others.

To instruct my government in conjunction with others.

To fraternize – sexually or otherwise – with whomever willingly shares my affections.

To bear weapons, to train my body, and to defend myself and those close to me.


I have the obligation:

To participate meaningfully in civic duties.

To avoid harming others to the extent possible.


You have the right:

To agree with me, or to ignore me.


You have the obligation:

To leave me alone, until or unless I cause damage to others.

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  1. Well said! 🙂

  2. Steve Nelson says

    Hi Jack,
    I sometimes wallow in it too. Not sure how I pull myself out but I always manage to. Basically I live my life believing that it can’t stay shitty forever, eventually it will get better. So far it has. You seem like a smart and thoughtful guy. I miss your articles in Motorcyclist magazine though since they changed managing editors, the mag’s lost its edge. gotten complacent. Been riding since I was 14 (40 years) and still like to go fast and scare myself now and then. Used to live in Seattle back in the 80’s and do miss it. Anyway, hang in there bud.

  3. Amen to all your comments!
    Belated Happy Birthday, dear boy, from one who still loves you and your writing. 🙂

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