What I do for fun (and profit?)

So here’s the deal: I write for Motorcyclist magazine, and I’d like you to subscribe.

I like working for Motorcyclist.  They’re good people and my editor is great, but nobody gets rich writing for magazines so again, I’d like you to subscribe (am I making it clear that I’d like you to subscribe? I subscribed myself. It’s painless, even enjoyable. There’s a link embedded below. Please to click your mouse on it).

Look, I’m not much of a marketing geek (you can kinda tell by this pitch, I suspect). But if you were thinking about subscribing to a bike rag, Motorcyclist is a durned good one. And if you were thinking about subscribing to Motorcyclist, it runs about ten bucks a year most anywhere. That’s the price of two issues off the newsstand, unless of course you live in Seattle where it’s ten percent more for the taxes.

If you subscribe here, it costs you the same ten dollars (about four cappucinos; no tip), but it earns me a little “ad partner” spiff from Amazon. That helps keep me gainfully underemployed and cheerfully producing motorcycle articles.

You can read most of my Motorcyclist content for nothing. Here are links to a few items I’ve written for the magazine.  I welcome you to read them online for free (but if you’re inspired to click on the subscriber link after that, it would be okay with me):

Riding Home

The Love Of Motorcycles

Brammo Enertia Electric Motorcycle

The High Price of Gas

BMW F800GS Rocks Moab – Stoned To The Bone

The web is chock-full of free content, because ideas aren’t commodities anymore; people are. You’re not commodities to me. You’re friends and conspirators, fellow riders, readers and writers. I’m not selling you, but I confess to selling to you. Plus the layout is a lot better in the print edition, and you can read it in the tub or tuck it into your tank bag.

Hope you’ll consider a sub. If not, maybe I’ll find another way to lure your discretionary budget for written material. I’m open to ideas on that. Fire me up in the comments section, and together we’ll explore ways to make a living at writing.



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